Company Overview

How we started

PAD was founded in Montreal Canada in 1988, devoted to provide computer-aided design (CAD) software for apparel industry. PAD software is designed to ease the workload of fashion designer and pattern designer with contemporary CAD software, facilitating higher flexibility for pattern & marker design. Thus, it enhances the competitiveness of enterprises. Throughout all these years, PAD is committed to providing excellent products and customer service, helping customers to optimize their return on investment.

Gaining scale

PAD software was originated to replace manual pattern design with computerized pattern design. Throughout many years of development, PAD helped many designers & businesses to switch from traditional pattern design to CAD software successfully, profoundly praised by majority business enterprises.

Working with education institutes

PAD partners with many education institutes to assist student to learn computerized pattern making before they go into the apparel industry, many of whom use PAD software.

Today — extend the horizon

Nowadays PAD is an international recognized CAD provider to students, professional designers and any sized of apparel factories. PAD will continue to make the best use of PAD software, integrate with the cloud & the Internet applications. In results, PAD would establish a collaborated online platform, allowing pattern designers, service providers, apparel enterprises and any interested parties in between can join into it, to engage into mutual-interested business activities. Everyone around the globe can create, share and linked up as an enormous community!