It’s All About Collaboration!

We realize that successful partnerships are about more than simply doing business together. Strategic partnerships create greater opportunity for PAD and its partners to generate more incremental revenue than each could alone.

PAD seeks successful alliances that will increase customer value through joint business solutions and create incremental revenue opportunities for both PAD and its partners.

We’re always ready to explore new ideas, products, and services. If you would like to discuss a partner relationship, please contact us by email to today
PAD has also established a global network of partners to serve our customers. Should you be looking for extending PAD for your company's needs, our partners deliver high-quality services and products that drive your success with PAD.
Company :
Description : A professional software provider of one-stop business application solutions for the apparel industry. PAD System can seamlessly integrate with iGarment's flagship product - netGarment, a complete management system solution specially designed for the garment industry to streamline business operations starting from sampling to final shipment. N-hega is specialized in automated digitizing systems. Its first product, NScan, is an automated, high-speed pattern-digitizing system. Based in New Zealand, ShapeShifter provides CAD solutions to the apparel industry to automate production processes. A provider of production optimization solutions. NESTER - Plataine's product for the sewn-goods industries, can integrate with PAD Marker Design to automatically produce production markers while respecting necessary marking constraints.