tool_image47 Ruffle

Allow users to create ruffle piece, or develop an exisiting piece into a ruffle.

Draw piece of ruffle hem

  1. Select tool_image47 Ruffle Tool;

  2. Left-click on the desired location;

  3. Dialog box appears, enter values into it, click [OK].


Draw piece of A-line skirt

Repeat the steps as above.



Internal Segment : draw it as internal contour of the piece, each segment can be removed individually.

Draw in Piece View : draw it as a pattern piece directly.

Develop an existing piece into a ruffle

New in V7.0:

  1. Activate the piece and select the upper segment;

  2. Select tool_image47 Ruffle tool;

  3. Right-click anywhere you wish;

  4. Hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Macintosh) and select the under segment;

  5. Right-click anywhere you wish;

  6. Left-click the fixed point, and input the values or drag the slider to modify the ruffle.



It also previews the motion when the values are being changed.