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netGarment is a complete management system specially designed for the garment industry to streamline business operations starting from sampling, to costing, to order processing, to material management, to production planning, to order monitoring, and to final shipment. Internet-based solution, real-time access from anywhere, flexible application of modules, easy-to-deploy, enhances competitive edge and efficiency.
iWorkPMS is a garment production management system which utilizes the most advanced RFID technoloy for real-time data capturing, provides full visibility throughout the entire production process, eliminates production bottlenecks, controls non-productive time, achieves line balancing, facilitates workflow and resource management, enhances productivity.
iBrand is a brand distribution and retail management system specially developed for apparel businesses to meet the needs across various business natures, covering aspects of procurement, logistics, retail management, inventory control, financial management and performance analysis, maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Seminar Invitation: Apparel fits body by mixing human structure and Pad

A piece of apparel fits for body which depends on marker marking, drawing skill of pattern makers. The seminar is more than Pad System automation introduction towards sample room in saving procedures tasks, place and material which fits mass production efficiency. A sophisticated pattern maker came from Shanghai with more than 40 years working experience for Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, J.crew, Esprit, C P company, Hugo boss, Countryroad, Mexx, Lafayette. He will share experience how to balance among human structure, pattern space, clothes characteristics and apparel design in creating pattern. Aims at raising requirements in making pattern in various industries, inspiring and encouraging pattern makers enhance their skill and inheriting pattern making skill to next generation.

Seminar Invitation in Hong Kong: Adjust operation mode by informatizing shop-floor management system

Garment manufacturers inevitably have problems in raising costs, labour shortage, uneven labour skill, lack of visibility and traceability source of defects in factory, delayed delivery and inaccuracy in counting salaries etc. which lead the profit shrinking significantly. Did you consider adjusting operation mode by informatizing shop-floor management to fully utilize resources, reduce idle and maximize profit? You are cordially invited to attend seminar to understand benefits of having a set of production management system.

netGarment, PAD System Free Training Schedule from Dec 2014 to Mar 2015

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Customer Success Stories: Beverley Apparel Limited

“We haven’t used another CAD system due to PAD System enough for daily work in pattern room. PAD 6.0 advanced clone will apply to self fabric, lining and interlining if made changes. The lead time shortens in making pattern. The efficiency rises by 30%.”

— Frederick Poon.Managing Director of Beverley Apparel Ltd

iGarment Survey: Status of Using Data Centre Services in Apparel Industry

You have been receiving eblast of netGarment garment job order management system. Do you know there is data centre to provide 7X24 operations in supporting, managing the system of saving, archive and security under our groups’ company of Net Cloud International Data Centre? From now on to 30 Nov, 2013, we will conduct the survey about status of using data centre services in apparel Industry. Aim to understand the using status of data center services in garment industry and study the possibility about developing data center services business. We cordially invite your participation.

You will receive a gift as a reward after completed survey. Please kindly fill in the valid company information with address for delivery.
Thank you so much for your support.

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How to create marker, grading, pattern proficiently?

Skillful sample workers are working for sample room of factory. With advanced technology, the working procedure in sample room is switching from labor to digitization with well-developed CAD which helps to save time, storage space and simplify the work flow. PAD2 6.0, pattern, marker, grading system, optimizes features based on users need. The unique features of save the changes of pattern, enhance copy of pattern design, handle the color different in creating marker. Those features create marker, grading, pattern more proficiently.