tool_image82 Attach Segment

Allows you to add a point on an intersection between two lines or to merge two points one on top of the other. To attach segments, the elements you intend to merge must be part of the same group.


Attach two segments

  1. Activate the piece where the desired segments are located, or select the two crossing lines;

  2. Select tool_image82 tool;

  3. Click the intersection.


Break point

New in V7.0:

Allow users to break the point on the cross lines (internal lines only). It helps users combine or break point more easily, accelerate the efficiency of making patterns.


How to do:

  1. Activate the desired piece;
  2. Select tool_image82 Attach Segment tool;
  3. Hold down the Shift key, left-click the intersection point;

The following picture shows the result. Use Pointer tool to drag the points to check if they have been broken.