tool_image43 Ellipse / Circle

Allow users to to create a circle freehand or according to a precise radius or diameter.

Draw circle/ellipse by freehand

  1. select tool_image43, left-click the cursor, do not release the button and then drag out a ellipse.

  2. select tool_image43, with holding down Shift key, left-click to drag out a circle.


Draw circle/ellipse by two clicking

  1. Select tool_image43 tool;
  2. First click on the desired working area, takes it as the central point of the shape (hold down Shift to draw circle);
  3. Move the arrow till desired shape appears, then click again to finish drawing the shape.

Enter values to draw circle/ellipse

  1. Select tool_image43 tool;

  2. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) or Alt+Windows (Linux) key, and click on the desired working area;

  3. Dialog box appears and enter desired values, click [OK];

    For example, draw a circle with diameter 10cm:



    Internal Segment : draw the shape as internal segment of the piece which can be removed.

    Draw in Piece : draw the shape as a pattern piece.


New in V7.0: It previews the result.