tool_image29 Rotation

Allow users to rotate the selected elements or a complete piece by freehand or entering values.

Rotate selected elements or complete piece

  1. Select the element(s);
  2. Select tool_image29 tool;
  3. Click the fixed point (pivot point);
  4. Click the second reference point without releasing the mouse button, a reference dash guideline going from the first point to the second point appears. Those two lines represent an angle;
  5. Pivot the guideline to the desired rotation angle.

Rotate by entering precise values

  1. Select the element(s) or complete piece;

  2. Select tool_image29 tool;

  3. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) or Alt+Windows (Linux) key;

  4. Click the pivot point, enter values in the dialog box. Click [OK] button.



Enter a positive angle for counter-clockwise rotation and a negative angle for clockwise one.