Developed by a leading world-class CAD/CAM solution provider, PAD Marker Design is a versatile nesting tool that facilitates the job of professional marker makers in laying out markers or patterns efficiently. Piece placement is made easy by linking our marker to the original pattern style, allowing pattern changes to be updated automatically in the related marker. It integrates seamlessly with PAD AutoMark Engine whose performance outperforms any world-class industrial auto-nesting engine, achieves maximum fabric utilization. Estimate on fabric consumption can be calculated for purchase planning.

Key Features

Powerful interface

Powerful marker making tools quickly create efficient markers and plan for fabric purchasing effectively. It is so versatile to open multiple pattern files and display any changes in marker simulation area in full view mode.

Optimized production treatment

Use of advanced tools to handle various special fabric treatment and pieces manipulation like plaid & strip, checkered, one way fabric, sectional markers, step marker and much more. PAD Marker can prepare piece cutting on CNC cutter cutting sequence.

Remote connectivity

PAD Marker supports to plot marker file via the Internet and works perfectly with PAD Plotter and PAD Plot Manager. It also supports different brand of industry plotter

File formats compatibility

Supports various file formats, like DXF, TIIP, HPGL, Text, Illustrator; it also supports ANSI and Eastman cut file formats.

Open architecture

While PAD Marker works perfectly with our own developed plotter and plotting program, it yet supports to work with 3rd party plug-in and plotter drivers.

More Details

Fast and easy marker creation using existing patterns

Print and preview mini marker layout with common printer

Fabric usage simulation panel

Powerful manual marker tools

Special fabric treatment: plaid & stripe, fold and tubular, oneway fabric

Piece manipulation and treatment: Pattern Refreshment, Spacing, Shrinkage, Scaling...

Lockin Marker (copy and rotate marker layout)

Piece sequence arrangement

Cut file optimization: Sequence, Knife Start Point, Lift and Plunge, Symmetrical Cut…

Plaid & stripe fabric treatment: ensures all pattern pieces aligned to the right angle.

Defines matching point distance among pieces by Link Properties.

Plots header information in the edge of marker, either plot it in top, bottom, left or right position.

Allows pieces Rotation in marker simulation area.

Supports to set one way fabric in Automatic Marker Monitor.

Graphical images attached to pieces are able to display in marker simulation area.

Supports to plot PAD Marker Design file using PAD Plot Manager via the Internet.

Support of network plotting

  • Previous PAD System File Formats: Version 4 file.
  • DXF File Formats: DXF-AAMA, DXF-Basic, TIIP, HPGL
  • Other File Formats: Text, Illustrator (read only)

Supported cut file formats: Ansi file, Eastman file

Open platform for auto-marker engine plug-in

PAD AutoMark Engine

A state-of-art nesting engine, creates the most efficient and cost-effective production markers. The unique algorithm used by PAD AutoMark makes it outperforming any other nesting engine or marker software in the market.

Compared with PAD's previous nesting engine, the efficiency is improved by up to 4%. On top of that, PAD AutoMark can swiftly produce different styles of markers, handle specific fabric types such as colour shading which cannot be handled by the old PAD engine.

PAD AutoMark is a must have item for every apparel manufacturer to produce efficient markers, it helps to improve production efficiency and achieve cost saving purpose in contemporary business environment.

Key Features:

Simple interface

PAD AutoMark is powerful yet its user interface is easy to understand and simple to use.


PAD AutoMark not only produces markers faster and more efficiently than manual marker making, its speed outperforms most other software, saving time and money.

Material efficiency

Increases marker efficiency by further 0.5% - 2% comparing with market nesting engines, reduces marker length, achieves significant fabric savings.


The most cost-effective nesting engine for its superior performance.

Sophisticated features

Performs full automatic nesting for complicated fabric types, like fold & tubular fabrics, plaids & stripes, colour shaded, specific widths and contractions etc.

  • Defines pieces to certain check position in plaids & stripes fabrics.
  • Allows to set zone value on colour shaded markers.
  • Specifies a size into the zone of colour shaded marker.
  • Makes pieces “size-by-size” in step marker.

Automatically detects and corrects overlap pieces that caused by style and size substitutions.