A comprehensive and full-featured CAD pattern making software for the apparel industry, it works the way you think, delivering a brand new user experience, simplifying the way pattern makers & designers work, an ideal tool for industrial businesses, professional & home-based designers and student. With its easy to use interface, PAD Pattern Design offers innovative and sophisticated features including Clone, Made-To-Measure and more, to allow you applying the most powerful CAD tools for pattern design, pattern treatment, grading, mass customization and custom-made tailoring.

Key Features

User-friendly Interface

Graphical tool box; unique Plan View/Piece View and single working area for pattern design.

Pattern Creation

Use single control point to create curve and outline. Apply various tools to create and modify pieces.

Pattern Grading

Lot of advanced grading tools such as Symmetry, Rotation etc to perform style grading automatically. Grading information stored in grading library for future use.

Pattern Treatment

Handy characteristics tool, like pleats, shirring to create and modify piece with a few clicks. Seam allowances, special corners, curves, notches can be applied swiftly.

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

Assists tailors and manufacturers of custom fitted garments deliver perfectly fitting products swiftly.


PAD Clone feature enables multi-level clone modification, it eliminates many steps of pattern modification to boost productivity.

Remote connectivity

PAD Pattern supports to plot file directly via the Internet and works perfectly with PAD Plotter. It also supports different brand of industry plotter.

Support of various file format

PAD is compatible with different file format, like DXF-AAMA, DXF Basic, HPGL, and TIIP. User can also import/export of size chart to Excel.

More Details

Powerful interface

  • Unique Plan View allows the pattern designer to use work methods similar to manual pattern drafting, yet much faster.
  • An “easy-to-understand” graphical tool box for pattern making
  • Individual pattern file stores all pieces information
  • Display hand-written technical sketches or garment photos for easy comparison
  • Single working area for pattern design, modifications, grading and production.
  • Automatic piece colour-coding for quick fabric identification

Pattern Creation

  • Extensive pattern design development.
  • Easy curve creation using a single control point.
  • Handy template for viewing changes made on the original piece or as a reference for creating a new piece.

Pattern Grading

  • Automatic style grading during pattern development.
  • User-friendly grading arrows & library to keep grading information, and allows fast and easy grading
  • Advanced grading tools such as Symmetry, Rotation and Freehand.

Pattern Treatment

  • Pleat, dart and shirring characteristics can be created and modified with a few clicks.
  • Seam allowances, special corners, curves, notches can be applied and adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Piece production treatment - enabling of CNC cutter functionalities

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

— an intelligent solution for mass customization and custom-made tailoring

  • Simple concept of framed measurement lines related to garment specification sheet
  • Automatic calculation of sewn garment measurements in all graded sizes
  • Sewn measurements take into account closed darts, pleats, shirring and more...
  • Interdependence of pieces can be assigned to maintain measurement consistency between sewn parts.
  • Ability to work using total body circumsferences and level measurements
  • Ability to program specification requirements


─eliminates many steps of pattern modification to boost productivity.

  • Automatic update of all modifications on the master piece to its clones
  • Automatic pattern modifications in all related pieces of the Master (self, fusing, lining, etc.)
  • Lock management of cloned pieces
  • Intelligent mirror for working on both sides of a pattern piece simultaneously
  • Possibility of working on either side of the Intelligent Mirror at any time during pattern development
  • Easy navigation between Master (Plan) and Clone (Piece) visualization.

Import / Export of size chart to Excel

Compatible with other CAD system files, like DXF-AAMA, DXF Basic, HPGL, and TIIP (Japan)